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Inspiring people to Learn, Love and Live Christ's way

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Welcome to Mansfield Seventh-Day Adventist Church! We are a community of faith that loves God, cares for each other, and brings light to the world.  We are a Christian community that meets regularly to study the scriptures, enjoy fellowship, pray together, and encourage people to use their gifts to serve God and our community. In short, we accomplish our mission by "inspiring people to Learn, Love, and Live Christ's way."



Visiting on a Saturday Morning

We invite you to join us for Bible study and worship any Saturday morning. Don't feel like you need to dress up, just wear whatever is most comfortable for youWhen you arrive at church on a Saturday morning, you might be greeted with a heartyHappy Sabbath!” That's a traditional Seventh-day Adventist greeting expressing our appreciation for your presenceand our gratitude for the sabbath rest this day contains.


10:00 AM

Sabbath School

Our Bible study time on Saturday morning begins at 10:00 and is called "Sabbath School." If you have a child, ask a greeter where the appropriate children's class is meeting. Once you've dropped off your child, you can join the adults who gather in the sanctuaryfor Bible StudyMost of our   Sabbath School classes use a 13-week study guide published four times a year, called the Sabbath School Quarterly. If you don't have your own copy of the quarterly, please tell the greeter or Sabbath School teacher and we'll get you a complimentary copySabbath School ends at 11:00, with a short break prior to the worship service at 11:05. This is the time to go pick up your child, then make your way back to the sanctuary.


11:05 AM

Worship Service

At our worship service, we sing, pray, and hear God's word. Our music is typically hymns and song praise, accompanied by our church band. The sermon is typically shared by our pastor, Israel Cavalli, or by one of our Elders (leaders). We wrap up around 12:35 p.m. Every third sabbath we have a delicious fellowship meal, if you want, you can make plans to stay with usIf you'd like to connect with someone for prayer or conversation, stick around after the service. If you just stay seated as everyone leaves, one of our leaders will come meet you. We'd love an opportunity to get to know you a little better.


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